CARACTERE, corporate real estate, investments and goodwill in Mauritius

With its knowledge of Mauritius, and at the request of its investor clients, CARACTERE has developed an offer for the sale and rental of professional premises, business assets and building land.

Office and warehouse real estate

Contrary to popular belief, Mauritius is not just a tourist destination. Since its independence, this small state formerly colonized by the Netherlands, France and then the United Kingdom, has gradually transformed its economy. Based initially on the cultivation of sugar cane, the industrialization of the 1970s helped to diversify production. 13,000 employees are employed in Mauritius by companies whose capital is predominantly French, mainly in service activities (remote customer relations, financial services, IT services, distribution, etc.) but also in production (medical devices, textiles, jewelry, leather goods , ...)

Cybercities are burgeoning, led by their greatest representative, Ebène.

Whether it is to set up your own business there or as part of a rental investment, tell us your needs and we will present you with the appropriate properties, for sale or rental.

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Shops, hotels and restaurants: walls and businesses

The quality of Mauritius’s tourist facilities and the unparalleled hospitality of its people are recognized worldwide.

Tourism is the 3rd pillar of the Mauritian economy. The government of Mauritius has adopted a new strategy for the development of the local tourism industry, referred to as the "Open Skies" action plan. The main idea is to develop new markets, in particular by entering new countries. France still remains the main source of tourist influx.

We support pure investors in the acquisition of premises or operators looking for business in hotels, restaurants or other businesses in highly touristic places.

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Building land

The historical activity of sugar cane cultivation is gradually supplanted by new activities. Whole cane fields can now be acquired to provide for construction: offices, warehouses, residences ... Consult us to explain your project to us.

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